...the period of love

Having you in my life fills up the emptiness in my heart.Since then I found you, you put a period in my constant pursuit in search of the person who can make me realize that life is so wonderful—and you did it the best way

It’s magic.Mesmerizing.The way we get crazy for each other proves how we do love each other.

No words can ever suffice these wonderful feelings I have for you. I know I love you.
I feel I love you.
I see I love you.
And for sure,

I will still love you...

I may not be the perfect guy for you, neither the best nor the ideal one.
But I’ll prove it to you that no matter how imperfect I am,
You’ll still feel perfect having me at your side.
I may not have enough guts to be proud of myself,
I’ll make it sure in some respect you’ll be proud of me.
I know, you can’t get rid of thinking the consequences this relationship may have brought you and I.
I promise you,I’ll never leave you.

I promise you I’ll always be here for you.

Spending my life with you is the only way I see I could get the chance to feel the so called ‘bliss.’
The mutual feelings we have, summon all the love left in our hearts saying ‘make love —let’s unite as one soul; let’s exchange blood.’
Love matters not just romance—proven it was when we did it. To the fullest. With respect. And with trust.

I know trials await us in the future.
We may see ourselves amidst troubles and tests. But
I hope despite those struggles, I could still see you
standing firmly holding my hands saying, “Even at
your lowest points in life, I’ll hold you tightly and
never leave your side. For you and I are one. And I
promise you to give my word that nothing can ever
lead us apart

Who could tell I’m not in love when every morning I wake up I see myself smiling while your thoughts linger in my head and thinking of YOU?

Who could say it’s stupid to be crazy if the reason of being so is YOU?

Who could define my feelings for you if the only alphabet left is Y-O-U?

So tell me now if I’m not in love with YOU…

You might find this corny, but if being the corniest man in the world is the only way I could let you feel how much I love you, then let me be so—call me corny.

For no reasons I love you.
And with no conditions I trust you.
I know I’ll never have this chance again so no matter how risky it is to gamble, I’ll bet all what’s left in me.

For I know even I lost the game, you will stand there and give yourself as my trophy.

This time , let me give you my whole self .
I surrender my being to be your only one.
To be your only one.
And to be your only one.
Thanks for the period you gave me in my constant pursuit in search of the person who would love me as a whole
—and that period is YOU.



  1. Sweet post. First time to visit your blog. :D

  2. awwwwwwwwww. this is just so sweet! spread the love kuya :)